Consider this - one night your friend brings some guy who starts talking smack about how he'll drink you and your mom under the table. It's way too early to hit the bars, and you got some time to kill. What to do?

Power Hour. Or if you are feeling really good, century club.

Make your own playlists (or import them from iTunes) and keep track of everyone that's in the game.

Even if you don't want to do a power hour, you can still use jPowerHour to make a mix to tunes playing only the parts of songs that you want to hear.

Click Here to run the program live from this website. There is no installation process needed, just load this website anytime you want to run jPowerHour. jPowerHour is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.3+, and Linux. The only requirement is that you have Java version 5 (aka 1.5) or greater installed. Test your version of Java by clicking here. If you need to upgrade or install Java on your computer, click here to get it.

Main Window

The main window is divided into three main components: the status area, the song list, and the control buttons.

The status area displays the current playing song as well as other information about the current estimated blood alcohol level for each of the players. It also displays what song number is being played, and the current time in the song.

The song list displays the list of all the songs that are currently in the power hour mix. Single clicking on a song will select it and allow it to be removed or moved using the buttons at the bottom of the window. Double clicking on a song will bring up a window that will allow you to edit the song, more on that later.

The buttons at the bottom of the window allow you to control the playlist and the power hour. They work as follows:

The File menu contains items that allow you to load and save playlists. It consists of:

The options menu contains items that allow you to modify the options of the program. It consists of:

The help menu contains:

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Edit Songs

The edit song window is launched by double clicking on a song in the song list in the main window. From here, you can set the time where the song should begin playing and the length that the song plays for. The preview start button plays the first six seconds of the song based on the start point set. The preview end button plays the last six seconds of the song based off the start point and the length to play. The ok button will save the changes, the cancel button will discard changes. By default, when a new song is added the start point is set to the beginning of the song (0 seconds) and the length to play is set to 60 seconds.

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Manage Players

The manage players window shows the list of players playing the game and allows you to add players, remove players, and close the window. The add button will bring up the add player window. The remove button will remove the selected player. The close button closes the window. Double clicking on a player that is already in the list brings up the edit play window that allows you to edit the player.

The add/edit player window allows you to create or edit an existing player. Using the inputs, you can edit the various data points about a player. This data is used to calcaulate BAC when playing the game. Note: a standard sized shot glass is 1.5 fl oz.

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Manage Interludes

The manage interludes window allows you to manage which sounds a played between songs during the power hour. By default, several sound clips are shipped with jPowerHour. You can add your own clips if you would like or remove some of the default ones as well. Note: any clip added as an interlude is played in its entirety, so choose short clips. WAV and MP3 files are supported. Interludes are saved as part of the playlist when you save using the file menu in the main window. Between each song, an interlude is chosen at random from the ones shown in this window and is played. The buttons at the bottom work as follows:

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The FML window shows a random post from every 20 seconds. This should provide some entertainment to read aloud while playing the game. Since the content is random, we take no responsibility for it or its value to you.